Hung Chou Fiber Industry Co., Ltd., one of the leading polyester filament manufacturers of Taiwan, Republic of China, was founded in July 1968.The Hung Chou Company has firmly set up the following principles for its business management: (1) Committed to providing products and services consistently conforming to customer's exact requirements. (2) Dedicated to "being the best product quality" through continuous and intensive research and development. (3) Engaged in keep highly stable growth of the business by successful management and good financial standing.

Well abiding by the above guiding principles. The Hung Chou Company has been enjoying for its financial standing and trading reliability in domestic and foreign markets as its final ideal goal.

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Functional MB Non-woven Fabric

〔Virgin Version〕
Introducing with Achieve™ Advanced PP produced by ExxonMobile Chemical from ExxonMoblie USA, allowing the ultra-fine fibers of the meltblown non-woven fabric achieve excellent filtration, shielding, heat insulation and oil absorption.

〔CopperPro Antibacterial Version〕
The "Key Nano-refinement Technology" is used to refine the copper metal into non-woven fabrics raw materials, which allows Hung Chou MB non-woven fabrics can achieve an excellent antibacterial and antivirus ability. CopperPro antibacterial fiber is a functional fiber that can effectively restrains the growth of bacteria. The gown prevents the spread of diseases, peed up skin wound healing, and eliminates odors. It is an epoch-making new type of antibacterial fiber.

〔BioPro Biodegradable Version〕
Cooperate with USA Company BioSphere® Plastic which provides latest biodegradable plastic solution to the world. BioSphere® addictive is permanently embedded in Achieve™ Advanced PP, it allows MB non-woven fabric has permanently biodegradable effect and there’s no micro plastic left. Hung Chou Fiber applies ourselves to make the earth more healthy and wonderful.

Medical nonwovens grades provide excellent barrier properties, cotton-like fabric performance and good fit in cost-effective, single-use applications, including:
*Air-conditioner, air purifier filter
*Surgical drapes and gowns
*Medical masks/protective gowns/shoe covers
*Disposable bedding and hospital apparel
*Sponges, pads and wraps, and filtration media